Puppy Training Napa Valley


Our Puppy Package is designed to give your puppy the very best socialization and training experiences while providing relief from the not-so-fun puppy stuff. Experts agree that early socialization is crucial to the development of a behaviorally healthy adult dog. This training package is recommended for all puppies between the ages of 8 and 18 weeks of age. 

Puppy Package $1045

You and Your Puppy Will Receive:

  • Relief from puppy biting, destructive chewing and housetraining mishaps
  • Safe and positive socialization to a variety of people, places, objects and sounds
  • Safe and positive preparation for body handling, grooming, and veterinary exams
  • A solid foundation for good manners using basic obedience cues including sit, down, wait, drop-it and beginning leash manners
  • Two Folllow-Up sessions booked at ages 6 & 9 months
  • Between session phone and email support from your trainer
  • A certified trainer dedicated to using the most up-to-date and ethically sound methods with your beloved puppy

6 Private Day Training Sessions

3 Private Coaching Sessions

2 Follow-Up Sessions