behavior & training


Behavior & Training packages are estimated using a number of factors including the dog's  prior learning history, the specific problem behavior, client skill, diligence and commitment to implementing management protocols. In some cases, follow-up sessions are needed after the initial training package is complete.

We find that clients who stick to their management and homework plans have the best training outcomes with their animals. If you are having trouble implementing any of our homework or management plans, we encourage you to communicate that to us. Our goal is to help you find success and we are happy to assist with troubleshooting if the need arises. 

fees & payments:

Behavior Consultation fees are due in full at the time of service. Training Package fees are to be paid in full at the first training session in the package. The fee for an Individual Training session is due at the time of service. We accept cash and check only at this time. 


If you need to cancel or reschedule a training session we require at least 48hrs notice. Credit will be applied to your next session for any changes made before this cancellation period. Late cancellations will be charged in full. Please note that Training Packages expire 3 months after the first training session. 

Tails in the Valley guarantees the use of humane, ethical, and scientifically sound techniques while training your dog.  We guarantee to work safely at your dog's skill level in order to help them build behaviors without causing stress or reactivity.  We cannot and will not ever make guarantees about the behavior outcomes of any living animal as it is considered unethical in our industry to do so and is prohibited by the major professional organizations. 

Please use caution with any trainer who makes guarantees about the behavior outcomes of your dog. 


Daytime & Overnight Care


Overnight Care services begin at 12pm on the day of your departure through 3pm the day of your return. We are happy to provide care for your pets outside of those times for an additional $25 fee. 

For the safety of your home, pets and our staff we require a list of names and phone numbers of all individuals or companies who will have access to your property while you are away. This includes but is not limited to: housekeepers, landscapers, property managers, friends & family. All maintenance or repair appointments that take place while we are caring for your home & pets must be shared with us prior to your departure. This includes pool service, housekeeping and landscaping.

Two sets of keys and/or gate codes must be provided at the time of booking or at the initial consultation. A list of emergency contacts, a current copy of your pet's shot records, current medication list, regular veterinarian and emergency veterinary information must be provided at this time as well. 

payments & cancellations:

Payment for Daytime & Overnight Care services are due in full at the time of booking. We have a 7 day cancellation period for Overnight Care clients. A refund or credit for cancellations can be given before this period begins. If the reservation is cancelled within 7 days prior to the start of services, the client is responsible for 50% of the invoice total. We happily do our best to accommodate if your travel plans extend/reduce by a couple days, but we cannot guarantee that we will be available if changes are made last minute. No refunds will be given if reservations are cancelled during our agreed upon service period. 


Hikes & outings


All dogs in our Hikes & Day Trip programs must be friendly towards people. For the safety of your dog and our community we are not able to accept dogs who are aggressive or reactive towards humans (of any age) into these programs. We reserve the right to remove any dog from our Hikes and Day Trip program if they show aggression or reactivity towards humans.

It is normal for dogs to sometimes argue or scuffle with other dogs. Dogs enrolled in our Group Hikes who regularly get into squabbles with other dogs will be removed and the client will have the option of enrolling him/her into the Solo Hike program. Dogs who have a history of aggression or reactivity towards other dogs are eligible for Solo Hikes on a case by case basis, preference is given to dogs enrolled in a Behavior & Training program with us. Safety measures include the use of appropriate humane equipment including: head halter, front clip harness, 4ft leash and a basket type muzzle, if necessary. 

Dogs must be home and accessible at the dog's scheduled pick-up time. Keys and/or gate codes are to be provided during the initial consultation. 

If your dog is exhibiting signs of illness (vomitting, diarrhea, lethargy, sneezing, runny nose or skin issues) please first call your veterinarian right away, and then call us to cancel your dog's outing. If we come to pick up your dog and they are exhibiting signs of illness we will notify you that they will not be joining us for an outing that day.

All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations and current with flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

Payments & cancellations:

Payment for Hikes & Day Trips is due at the time of booking. Space is limited in this program and we require clients to commit to at least 3 Hikes per month. Space is also limited for our Day Trips, so we recommend reserving your spot early.

We require 24hrs notice if your dog is unable to join us on their scheduled outing. Exceptions for emergencies and illness are made on a case by case basis. The dog must be home and accessible to us within their scheduled pick-up time period. If the dog is not home or we cannot access them we will consider it a late cancellation and the full fee will be charged. 

Weather can affect the schedule for Hikes & Day Trips. Our top concern is the safety and comfort of your dogs and if inclement weather is forecasted on the day of our scheduled outing we will notify you and reschedule the outing.