Tails In The Valley Dog Training uses ethical, science-based and efficient training practices. Like all living beings, dogs use their behavior to get more of the stuff they like and less of the stuff they don't like. Our approach to training is reward based, meaning that we deliver or remove rewards in order to change your dog's behavior.  When treating fearful, anxious or otherwise upset dogs we use humane, low-stress techniques to safely and effectively modify behavior. 

Does it really work? Yes! 

Will we support you every step of the way? Absolutely!

Our commitment to ethical and humane training extends beyond your dog. As a client you will be provided with phone and email support between sessions, as well as follow-up care. While coaching you through your dog's training process you can count on us to be knowledgeable, encouraging and respectful.

As a Napa Valley native, Madelyn takes pride in building a sense of community with her clients and the dogs they love!