Madelyn Davies, CTC

Madelyn Davies, Ctc 

Madelyn began her professional career working with dogs in 2009 when she founded Trail Dogs, the first to offer Napa Valley an off-leash group hiking service just for dogs. She is a Certified Professional Dog Walker through dog*biz, a title that she earned by passing intensive written and practical exams showing her mastery of canine body language, managing dogs in a group, proper trail etiquette and ethical business practices. In 2010 Madelyn completed the Canine Behavior Academy program at the Marin Humane Society. 

In 2013, she was accepted into The Academy for Dog Trainers where she furthered her formal education in animal learning theory, applied animal behavior, behavior modification and consulting. Madelyn graduated with Honors from the The Academy, earning her Certificate in Training and Behavior Counseling.

She also serves as the Behavior & Training Advisor for Wine Country Animal Lovers, a 501(c) non-profit animal rescue group that provides support for Napa Valley and surrounding communities. While pursuing a formal education in professional dog training, Madelyn has worked extensively with both shelter and family dogs throughout California and Northern New Mexico.


frances stockton

A Napa Valley native, Frances grew up on a family ranch in St. Helena surrounded by horses, chickens, dogs and cats. From a young age, most of her personal time has been devoted to all aspects of animal care.

When professional life took her out of Napa Valley, Frances took on overnight dog care clients in New York City. Since then she has  worked on horse ranches throughout California & New Mexico, has worked with rescue dogs and enjoys time spent with anything on four legs.

Now that she's back home in St. Helena, Frances spends her free time horseback riding on the trails with her adorable rescue pup Flip Flop. At Tails In The Valley both Frances & Flip can be found assisting with puppy socialization, group hikes and overnight care. We are so happy to have such an experienced, professional, animal loving and local addition to our team!