Tails In The Valley uses humane, science-based training and pet care practices.  We employ the most up-to-date training methods to get the outcome you're looking for -- without the use of physical corrections or aversives. When treating fearful, anxious or otherwise upset dogs & cats we always use the least invasive, low-stress techniques to safely and effectively modify your animal's behavior. 

Does it really work? Yes! 

Will we support you every step of the way? Absolutely!

Our commitment to ethical and humane training extends beyond your dog or cat. As a client you will be provided with email support between sessions, as well as follow-up care. While coaching you through your dog's training process you can count on us to be knowledgeable, encouraging and respectful.

Tails In The Valley is proud to be part of the force-free dog training community and we're excited to share our knowledge of science-based training techniques with our clients and local community. We hold memberships in several professional organizations including Doggone SafeThe Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild. We also support the work of  Wine Country Animal Lovers, an all volunteer 501(c) non-profit animal rescue group that provides adoption & veterinary services for Napa Valley and the surrounding communities. 


Daytime & Overnight care

While we stay in your home with your pets, their safety and comfort are our top priority. Likewise, you can rest assured that your living space will be treated with the utmost respect and discretion. Daytime & Overnight Care pets will have as close to their typical daily routine as possible, and we emphasize maintaining & reinforcing your pet's good behaviors while you're away. We happily provide basic home care services including mail pick up, light cleaning and coordinating maintenance services if a home emergency arises. 


hikes & outings

For over 10 years we have been providing clients with professional hiking, socialization and dog walking services. From the moment we pick up your furry friends until we return them to your home, your dog's safety is our top priority. We have training in canine CPR & First Aid and hold a certification in professional dog walking through DogTec. While out on adventures with us, your dog will be outfitted with current ID tags, a no-pull front clip harness and weather/terrain appropriate gear. At owner's request and where permitted, we practice dog/dog socialization & off-leash recall using high quality food rewards. During transport, your dog will be secured in a seatbelt or safely confined to a crate. Lastly, we take pride in practicing proper trail etiquette while out with your dog, allowing other community members to have a positive experience outdoors.