Dog Training Napa Valley


This package has it all! Your dog will learn to perform useful behaviors for hand signals and verbal cues, and you will learn how to maintain them for use in everyday life. We’ll get their good manners up and running, then work on proofing them around real-life distractions. Obedience behaviors include Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leash Manners, Leave-It & Coming When Called. This is an excellent package choice for newly adopted dogs, older puppies, dogs with limited training or as a refresher for any dog! 

Manners Package $950

You and Your Dog Will Receive:

  • A solid foundation of obedience cues that are proofed around life's distractions
  • Management and prevention techniques to reduce undesired behaviors
  • Private Day-Training sessions for your dog with a certified trainer
  • Coaching sessions that focus on building your confidence, technical skills and easy ways to maintain your dog’s good behavior
  • A Follow-Up session 2 weeks after package completion
  • Phone and email support from your trainer between sessions
  • A certified trainer dedicated to using the most up-to-date and ethically sound methods with your family dog

6 Private Day-Training Sessions: Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leash Manners, Leave-It & Coming When Called

3 Private Coaching Sessions

1 Follow-Up Session - This session is scheduled 2-3 weeks after package completion