hikes & outings


New Client consultation

Clients who are new to our Hikes & Outings program start with a one-on-one consultation. This gives us a chance to get to know your dog, place them in an appropriate group and develop an exercise routine that fits them best. We offer a range of activities designed to fulfill exercise and socialization needs so that they can be more relaxed and happy at home. 



Group hike $40

+$20 for second dog from the same household

Service Area: Calistoga - St. Helena - Angwin

Let your dog run, play and explore the great outdoors with us! Group hikes are a truly amazing way for your dog to exercise and socialize during the day. Your dog will be paired with other friendly dogs with similar exercise needs, temperament & play style. All good behaviors are practiced & reinforced before, during and after our hikes. This includes the 'wait' cue for leashing up & entering/exiting the vehicle, leash manners, off-leash recall and proper trail etiquette. 


solo hike $55

service area: calistoga - st. helena - angwin

Solo hikes are perfect for dogs who need (and love) exercise, but don't thrive in a group setting. Our solo hikes give shy, reactive or older dogs the wonderful benefits of exploring the outdoors without the stress of sharing a tight space with other dogs. We tailor our hiking locations to your dog's specific needs & limitations. This service is a nice add-on for dogs enrolled in a behavior & training program with us. 


Day trip Outings

day trip $120

These special full day adventures are designed to add a little excitement to your dog's regular routine. Whether it's a longer hike, a day at the lake or a beach extravaganza your dogs will be tired and happy when they come home! This is a wonderful option for owners with busy work days, a new baby at home or limited mobility issues. As with all of our outings, we reinforce good behaviors including off-leash recall and proper trail/beach etiquette. Our day trips are best for dogs who are comfortable riding in the car and enjoy the company of other dogs & humans. 

Doggy Day Trips are offered twice per month and space is limited. Contact us for more information about planned trips and registration.  

Our Hikes and day trip service area includes calistoga, st. helena & angwin


Hikes & outings POLICIES


All dogs in our Hikes & Day Trip programs must be friendly towards people. For the safety of your dog and our community we are not able to accept dogs who are aggressive or reactive towards humans (of any age) into these programs. We reserve the right to remove any dog from our Hikes and Day Trip program if they show aggression or reactivity towards humans.

It is normal for dogs to sometimes argue or scuffle with other dogs. Dogs enrolled in our Group Hikes who regularly get into squabbles with other dogs will be removed and the client will have the option of enrolling him/her into the Solo Hike program. Dogs who have a history of aggression or reactivity towards other dogs are eligible for Solo Hikes on a case by case basis, preference is given to dogs enrolled in a Behavior & Training program with us. Safety measures include the use of appropriate humane equipment including: head halter, front clip harness, 4ft leash and a basket type muzzle, if necessary. 

Dogs must be home and accessible at the dog's scheduled pick-up time. Keys and/or gate codes are to be provided during the initial consultation. 

If your dog is exhibiting signs of illness (vomitting, diarrhea, lethargy, sneezing, runny nose or skin issues) please first call your veterinarian right away, and then call us to cancel your dog's outing. If we come to pick up your dog and they are exhibiting signs of illness we will notify you that they will not be joining us for an outing that day.

All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations and current with flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

Payments & cancellations:

Payment for Hikes & Day Trips is due at the time of booking. Space is limited in this program and we require clients to commit to at least 2 Hikes per week. Space is also limited for our Day Trips, so we recommend reserving your spot early.

We require 24hrs notice if your dog is unable to join us on their scheduled outing. Exceptions for emergencies and illness are made on a case by case basis. The dog must be home and accessible to us within their scheduled pick-up time period. If the dog is not home or we cannot access them we will consider it a late cancellation and the full fee will be charged. 

Weather can affect the schedule for Hikes & Day Trips. Our top concern is the safety and comfort of your dogs and if inclement weather is forecasted on the day of our scheduled outing we will notify you and reschedule the outing.