dog & cat behavior consultations

90-minute behavior consultation $195

All of our new clients begin with a 90-minute Behavior Consultation. It's the best place to start if you’d like to resolve a specific behavior problem, need help with obedience training or if you have concerns about your dog or cat's behavior. 

During the consult we will assess your pet(s), provide you with science-based insight into their behavior, outline your specific goals, implement management strategies to provide immediate relief and customize a training package to meet your cat or dog's specific needs.



puppy consultations

60 minute pre-puppy consultation $125

90-minute puppy consultation $195

Our puppy consultations are designed to prepare you and your new puppy for a lifetime of success while minimizing frustration during your first year together. Many clients choose to make life even easier by meeting with us for a pre-puppy consultation, scheduled before they actually bring their new puppy home. 

During your consultation we will cover how your puppy learns & views the world, the critical development periods, safe early socialization and behavior problem prevention. We'll also provide you with management and training plans to give you relief from puppy biting, destructive chewing, housetraining mishaps and more! 



private training sessions

60 minute private training session $110

package rates available

After your initial behavior consultation, we will recommend a training package or number of individual sessions based on your pet's needs and your family's goals.  We have pre-designed packages available for puppies and adult dogs, or we can create a custom training package for you! Our Solo or Group Hikes offerings are a nice way to supplement training packages.

  • Manners Around Distractions
  • Off-Leash Recall
  • Walking Nicely On Leash
  • Polite Greetings
  • Excessive Barking
  • Housetraining
  • Dog/Dog Reactivity

                           ...and more!


OUR Policies 


Behavior & Training packages are estimated using a number of factors including the dog's  prior learning history, the specific problem behavior, client skill, diligence and commitment to implementing management protocols. In some cases, follow-up sessions are needed after the initial training package is complete.

We find that clients who stick to their management and homework plans have the best training outcomes with their animals. If you are having trouble implementing any of our homework or management plans, we encourage you to communicate that to us. Our goal is to help you find success and we are happy to assist with troubleshooting if the need arises. 


Behavior Consultation fees are due in full at the time of service. Training Package fees are to be paid in full at the first training session in the package. The fee for an Individual Training session is due at the time of service. We accept cash and check only at this time. 


If you need to cancel or reschedule a training session we require at least 48hrs notice. Credit will be applied to your next session for any changes made before this cancellation period. Late cancellations will be charged in full. Please note that Training Packages expire 3 months after the first training session. 


Tails in the Valley guarantees the use of humane, ethical, and scientifically sound techniques while training your dog.  We guarantee to work safely at your dog's skill level in order to help them build behaviors without causing stress or reactivity.  We cannot and will not ever make guarantees about the behavior outcomes of any living animal as it is considered unethical in our industry to do so and is prohibited by the major professional organizations. 

Please use caution with any trainer who makes guarantees about the behavior outcomes of your dog.